Aww I love the chibi style!! :3 You get another follower!! :D!!



HOhoho~ No need to be scared ma dear, my teeth may be pointed but I don’t bite~
Ah this is great ;^; wow thank you sososo much for GK’s little feature!

Ooooo…okie then! Boops you!

Hi there! *follows you* do you like cookies? :3

I like chocolate chip cookies, my favourite is when a little coarse sea salt is sprinkled on top. Adds an extra crunch! ~<3

Old cookies

Aww I love the chibi style!! :3 You get another follower!! :D!!

Chibi Sapphy, why are your eyes so small?




Keep your face like that, and it'll stay that way.

Bring forth the asks! &gt;:3

Bring forth the asks! >:3



I wonder how many ponies/etc I can boop on their noses before I lose my hoof!…waitaminute-~ Sapphire Breeze

imageFaiz give crystal necklace :)

Ever try a new mane color? Like Orange?

Ha! I tried a rainbow-plethora of mane colours! Unwittingly though…I was somehow roped into one of those famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Pinkie Party or something when I visited Ponyville for grocery shopping. I drank some funky drink that that pink pony kept giving to everyone.

I have no idea what was in that abomination but the room started spinning and I vaguely remember ponies were commenting what a neat trick I was doing with my mane. It was only some time later that the room stopped spinning and a kind pegasus mare helped me get my bearings that I found out what happened. Unfortunately, that neat ‘trick’ stopped happening and I only remember trying not to get sick everywhere…

Gif hidden, click here to see it (contains colour changes in succession, possibly triggering)

I was lucky enough to be invited as part of the team commissioned to do a crystal sculpture of Spike the Brave and Glorious, or something like that. It was a long title…

Anyway! Besides giving us crystal sculpting ponies an opportunity to learn from the crystal ponies themselves, it helps the Crystal Empire to get in touch again with the present world from their thousand year absence. It’s a win-win situation and I learned a lot! So, yeap, I guess that’s my biggest contribution to Equestria so far!

nanananananananananana batmare~


And my trusty sidekick, Robin-chi!

(Suggested by a friend to include her pet Chirpy, how dare you suggest something I cannot resist >:C)